A New Exhibition of Work by Ian Kirkpatrick

Canadian artist Ian Kirkpatrick uses graphic design software to produce intricate 2D and 3D artworks out of materials including stainless steel, vinyl, corrugated cardboard, Perspex and Dibond.

The surfaces of his pieces are filled with complex iconographies drawn from past and present, remixed into commentaries about pressing social themes such as war, climate change and migration.

About the Exhibition

Funded by a grant from Arts Council England, Mythomania is a new body of 2D and sculptural work which explores humanity’s ongoing fascination with mythical narratives – from ancient Greek legends to modern superheroes and ’fake news’.

The large-scale sculptures allude to ancient monuments, dragons and robots – whilst the surface of his artworks reflect our culture’s continuing obsession with epic takes on heroes, villains, utopias and impending apocalypse.

The work draws cultural connections across time and space, identifying parallels between present-day global societies and ancient civilisations, and aims to show how myth is still a vital force in culture, acting as a lens for contemporary societal aspirations, fantasies and fears.

Several of the artworks have been created using manufacturing processes and materials which are new to Ian. These include two large-scale ‘soft’ sculptures made of printed tarpaulin, leather and canvas, sculpted into monolithic forms recalling contested antiquities such as the Elgin Marbles, as well as modern fashion goods.

For this exhibition Ian has also create ‘Sun King’, a monumental sculpture which draws its inspiration from several ancient and contemporary ‘hero’ figures, including Hercules, samurai warriors and Transformers.


The hire fee for the exhibition is £1800 plus VAT per eight week period and includes:

Delivery, installation, dismantling and collection of the exhibition. (Hiring venue to pay for the onward transportation of the exhibition. This will be provided by 20-21 and will be charged at cost.)

Text panels and labels

A short film of the artist talking about his work. (Hire venue to provide AV equipment to show the film.)

For further information and to check availability, please call Janine Parrish on 01724 297076 or email;