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Seasons: A Get Crafty Showcase

Seasons- A Get Crafty Showcase, Summer. 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

21 October 2017 to 6 January 2018 Get Crafty, our popular weekly session, offers creative crafts and artist-run activities for adults with additional needs. Throughout summer 2017, the group has been working with regionally based artists Dominic Heffer, Nicky Dillerstone and

Annabel McCourt: Electric Fence

Artist Annabel McCourt touching the Electric Fence

7 October to 27 January 2018 Hate crime is an ominous, prevailing presence in contemporary society. Borders, barriers and warning signs have come to be a part of our everyday life. Still, are we being kept out, or is something

Genetic Moo: Love in Idleness

Genetic Moo - Love in Idleness at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe

30 September to 20 January To commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, digital arts collective Genetic Moo have been running creative coding workshops across North Lincolnshire inspired by the classic play A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Part of the Shake Shakespeare

Woolly Spires

Woolly Spires at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

30 September to 13 January Originally commissioned by The Collection, Lincoln, Woolly Spires takes its inspiration from Lincolnshire’s history. In the past, many of the county’s churches were funded by wealthy landowners who made their fortune (quite literally) on the

Space Cadets: Blood and Bone

Space Cadets, Blood and Bone, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

1 July to 16 September 2017 Space Cadets Air Design are inventors of the unexpected. Known for their fantastic inflatable sculptures that have graced a range of galleries, museums and cultural events, their creations are designed to help imaginations of

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Drawing for Sculpture

Natalie Fennemore, Drawing for Sculpture, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

10 June to 14 October 2017 Featuring everything from rough sketches and experimental artworks to detailed technical drawings and three-dimensional digital models, Drawing for Sculpture includes work from over 20 sculptors who use drawing as part of their creative process.

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Jo Miller – Bones of Me

Giant Head Scarf (resin, rubber, tulle and cottom) by Jo Miller, Miller London, Part of Bones of Me Exhibition at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

29 April to 3 June Combining traditional millinery techniques with new and innovative approaches, professional hat maker Jo Miller creates headwear for the high-end fashion industry. Using unusual materials such as rubber and animal bones, her creations have graced the

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Louise Bourgeois and Collected Women

Collected Women Exhibition at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

1 July to 16 September 2017 20-21 Visual Arts Centre is delighted to host a series of 25 prints by one of the most important and influential artists of the twentieth century. Louise Bourgeois is best-known for her emotionally charged

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Paul Collinson: Dreaming of the Middle Ages

Paul Collinson - Landscape

18 February to 3 June 2017 For Dreaming of the Middle Ages, Hull-based artist Paul Collinson presents a new series of large-scale paintings that question modern society. Named after an essay by the Italian philosopher Umberto Eco, this exhibition explores

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Beverley Porter: Circus Dogs, Retro Royals and Other Sins

Beverley Porter - Circus Dog

4 February to 22 April 2017 Leeds-based artist Beverley Porter’s contemporary ceramics are inspired by the history of ornaments and their display. Graduating with a degree in Applied Arts from the Batley School of Art and Design (now Kirklees College)

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