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Brick by Brick Artists: Ekow Nimako

Ekow Nimako was born in Montreal and studied fine arts at York University, intending to pursue creative writing. When employment in writing and as a musician (he plays guitar and drums) didn’t take off, Nimako realised the possibility that his

Brick by Brick Artists: AME72

UK born AME72 (James Ame) started his street art career in 1985 and has since developed a style which is a creative mix of Urban, Contemporary and Pop Art, leaving his mark on streets around the world, but in particular Tel

Brick by Brick Artists: Samsofy

Samsofy (Sofiane Samlal) is a photographer from Lyon. He started out in extreme sports photography in urban areas, but in the months he spent at home following the birth of his son, his work became focused around the world of

Brick by Brick Artists: David Hughes

David Hughes is a designer and artist who uses LEGO® Bricks to create contemporary art through careful and meticulous designs. Although he also creates LEGO® mosaic works of art, the pieces we have on show in Brick by Brick are

Brick by Brick Artists: Janet Curley Cannon

Janet Curley Cannon is an American born (Seattle, WA) artist based in Berkshire, England. She gained her BA in Art History from the University of Washington, Seattle and MA in Fine Art Print from Camberwell College, University of the Arts,

Brick by Brick Artists: Little Big Art

Cardiff based artist/designer, Andy Morris used to have a steady, high-salary job in the finance industry. He left it all to pursue his passion in art, becoming known by the identity Little Big Art. As Little Big Art, Andy creates

Brick by Brick Artists: David Turner

Belfast based artist David Turner was born in 1968. Growing up, his childhood was shaped by the turbulent times of The Troubles, with guns, conflict and checkpoints a part of his everyday life. His work reflects this childhood experience, using

Brick by Brick Artists: Eat My Bricks

‘Eat My Bricks’ is a collaboration between German artists Michael Feindura and Sören Grochau who use LEGO® minifigures to create large scale, humorous photographs, often with social and political commentary at their heart.  Michael and Sören’s backgrounds are in marketing

Brick by Brick Artists: Valentino Fialdini

Brazilian photographer Valentino Fialdini was born in Sào Paolo in 1976. The son of photographer Ronaldo Fialdini, Valentino grew up seeing the world in photographic terms, framing scenes and noticing the play of light and colour. A professional photographer, his


A New Exhibition of Work by Ian Kirkpatrick

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