Heather Phillipson: TRUE TO SIZE

Heather Phillipson's True to Size part 3

Acclaimed contemporary artist and poet Heather Phillipson mixes images, noises, objects, languages and bodies to make immersive works are full of cultural references and emotional responses. TRUE TO SIZE, a commissioned work for the Arts Council Collection is a physical poem transplanted from Phillipson’s imagination to the gallery space.

TRUE TO SIZE features a series of video and audio works that play out stimulating, fantastical and furry sculptural narratives. The installation pairs mass-produced materials, such as large printed emojis and teddy bears, with monitors and speakers. In one scene, a bear wearing a pink ball gown climbs a set of cardboard steps, and then emerges triumphant from emoji flames. In another, a bear has cut itself in half with giant emoji scissors.

Please note: some elements of TRUE TO SIZE may not be suitable for younger visitors, please ask a staff member for further information if unsure.