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Lisa Mortensen – Forms Felt

Static Form 1 and 2 by Lisa Mortensen, showing two solid needle-point felted forms using merino fleece with carved pattern revealing red internal colour.Twisting Form 1 by Lisa Mortensen, showing from above a twisted solid needle-point felted form using merino wool and linen mix with burnt hole with copper and gold sleeve.


From 16 January

In Forms Felt, textile artist and teacher Lisa Mortensen presents a collection of distinctive textile sculptures. She has created the works using needle point felting incorporating merino fleece and other fibres such as silk, cotton and linen. The work also includes a range of other materials such as glass, metal and paper.

For Lisa, the process of making felt sculptures is one of ‘excavation’ – finding the shape as she begins with a large volume of fibres and ends up with a solid and precise sculptural form. She has likened it to carving and indeed many of her sculptures do resemble stone or ceramic. The use of different fibres and colour brings a range of textures to her work. The treatment of the surface is also varied to enhance the formal qualities and sense of expression. The use of other processes and materials creates a dialogue between content and matter. Lisa is inspired by structure and pattern, finding interest equally in natural and manmade forms.

Themes of duality weave through the work as Lisa explores qualities such as stillness and movement, inside and outside, opaque and transparent. These themes have informed the use of materials during the intuitive process of making. The dress forms explore notions of identity and the connections we make within ourselves and the world around us.