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Melanie Tomlinson – Ghost Horses and Guns

Melanie Tomlinson's Casa e Acolo Unde e si Inima (Home is Where the Heart is) showing cranes, a wolf and planets against a red background


From 23 January

Ghost Horses and Guns is Melanie Tomlinson’s most significant solo show to date. The exhibition comprises of sculptural works exploring those ‘edgelands’ where city meets countryside, and the urban folktales that they evoke.

For the artworks in the show, Melanie revisits the haunts and stories of her youth. Those memories that she has held onto over the years and which have become part of her own story. The pieces that she has created are intricately constructed assemblages of found and created elements. Melanie uses a wide range of techniques to make the individual elements of the works from silversmithing, to ceramics and glasswork, to lasercutting and colour printing of illustrations onto wood and metal. They combine into a rich and intricately constructed collection of work.

From Deirdre Figueiredo MBE’s foreword to the exhibition catalogue: “Tomlinson’s fearless and ambitious approach stands out with its unique originality and her contribution to British craft and automata making is widely recognised and highly regarded… This themed body of work gives the audience the opportunity and the pleasure not only to immerse themselves in immense craftsmanship, skill, beauty and intricate detail of carefully observed nature, people and environments, but also to find in the imagery many nuances, layers of meaning and literary and symbolic references. These are provocations to help us reflect on and think about the times we live in and the consequences of our actions.”

Ghost Horses and Guns was produced by the artist in collaboration with Wolverhampton Art Gallery and supported by funding from Arts Council England.