Brick by Brick on Tour

International LEGO® Brick Art

image Flower Girl by Ekow Nimako

Flower Girl by Ekow Nimako. Photography by Samuel Engelking

Brick by Brick is a new touring exhibition of work by international artists, designers and photographers who use LEGO® bricks as their medium.

The show features a range of two and three dimensional work in a variety of scales, from jewellery to sculpture, and includes both wall mounted and plinth based work.

This family friendly exhibition offers a range of opportunities for visitors to get creative with construction bricks and includes a LEGO® wall.

A comprehensive tour pack is provided which includes ideas for additional workshops and competitions.

Featured Artists

David Turner

art image Design by Brick Gun

Design by Brick Gun

David Turner – based in Belfast, Northern Ireland – has a BA Hons Degree in Fine and Applied Arts and a Masters in Fine Art. He has exhibited his work internationally and has work in public and private collections, including the collection of the Arts Council for Northern Ireland. For this exhibition, David is exhibiting a LEGO® firearms installation which consists of 19 replica guns. This work makes reference to his childhood spent in Northern Ireland during ‘The Troubles’.

Valentino Fialdini

art image by Valentino Fialdini

Photography: Valentino Fialdini

Brazilian photographer Valentino Fialdini has created a series of photographs which show empty rooms and corridors. Using specialist lighting and photography techniques, Fialdini tricks the viewer’s eye in to thinking that the miniature LEGO® rooms he creates are life-sized.

Andy Morris

art image of lego pieces coming out of popcorn boxes

Popcorn! by Little Big Art

Under the guise of ‘Little Big Art’, Cardiff based artist / designer, Andy Morris creates life-sized, LEGO® inspired artworks. He has exhibited his work internationally, including at the world famous Saatchi Gallery, London.

The Little Artists

Black LEGO sculpture of the Psycho house by Cake and Neave

Psycho House by The Little Artists


Collectively known as ‘The Little Artists’, John Cake and Darren Neave collaborated between 1993 and 2013 to create a series of well-known contemporary artworks and personalities using LEGO® bricks. The Little Artists have exhibited internationally and have work in both public and private collections, including The Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.

David Hughes

art image Leave Me Alone, Don't Leave Me Alone

Leave Me Alone, Don’t Leave Me Alone by David Hughes


Artist and designer David Hughes uses the basic LEGO® brick to create stunning three dimensional sculptures. ‘I like to think my art engages with people because it appeals to all of us who played with LEGO® bricks as children, whilst at the same time explores grown-up ideas of contemporary art and design’. David is exhibiting five plinth mounted sculptures and one wall mounted installation comprising six skulls.

Ekow Nimako

art image Ekow Nimako

Artwork: Ekow Nimako. Photography: Janick Laurent

Ekow Nimako is based in Toronto, Canada and studied Fine Arts at York University, Ontario. He began using LEGO® bricks in his professional practice in 2014 and has since cultivated a unique approach to sculpting this iconic medium. Nimako is exhibiting five pieces from his Building BlackMythos series of works, which includes Flower Girl, a life-sized figure of a girl surrounded by bees. Nimako’s work references afrofuturism, mythology and the metaphor of West African proverbs.

 Janet Curley Cannon

art image of an old brick building

Photography: J Curley Cannon

Janet Curley Cannon is an American born artist who is now based in Berkshire, England. Her work is held in public and private collections in the UK, Europe and the USA and is documented in several publications. For the Brick by Brick exhibition, Janet is exhibiting ‘Not on the High Street Anymore’ – an installation in response to the demise of the UK’s high street.

Eat my Bricks

Eat my Bricks reinterpretation of the Sistine Madonna in LEGO bricks

Eat My Bricks

‘Eat my Bricks’ is a collaboration between German artists Michael Feindura and Soren Grochau who use LEGO® mini figures to create large scale, humorous photographs which often have social and political commentary at their heart.


Fat Come Pacques photograph by Samsofy

Fat Come Pacques by Samsofy

Sofiane Samlal or ‘Samsofy’ is a photographer from Lyon, France. He uses photography, street art and model making to create imagery which often incorporates politics, humour and poetry.

Jonathan Rolph

still from Jon Rolphs Paint animation

Paint by Jonathan Rolph

Recent fine art graduate and animator Jonathan Rolph is exhibiting his beautifully crafted animated film, ‘Paint’.

Jason Freeny


art image ‘Schematic’art images ‘Killjoy’

New York artist Jason Freeny has provided two of his Bigger Micro Anatomic limited edition Art Collectibles for this exhibition; ‘Schematic’ and ‘Killjoy’. The anatomical design is one of Jason’s most popular works to date. It combines his ever-popular trademark dissection style with nostalgic memories.

Hannah Gibson

art image "Whispering Sweet Nothings"
British artist, Hannah Gibson is showing four cast glass mini-figures entitled ‘Whispering Sweet Nothings’.

Michael Brennand-Wood

art image "Return to the Lost City of LEGO"

Return to the Lost City of LEGO – Boogie Woogie by Michael Brennand-Wood

Michael Brennand-Wood is an award winning artist. He is internationally regarded as one of the most innovative and inspiring artists working in textiles. Michael has created five new artworks especially for this exhibition – four wall mounted pieces and one plinth based piece.

Cole Blaq  

Paint it Blaq by Cole Blaq

Paint It Blaq by Cole Blaq

German artist Cole Blaq is showing 25 digital images from his ‘Enter the Brick’ series of work.

James Paterson

James Paterson's LEGO firsts paintings

James is a fine art graduate whose instantly recognisable work can be found in collections internationally. For the Brick by Brick exhibition, James is exhibiting 16 small canvases, all depicting a LEGO® first so, for example, the first LEGO® baby.


Spanish Ballet (Torero) bullfighting picture modified with LEGO bricks by Zino – zino_lab

Italian artist Zino cleverly modifies photographs using LEGO® bricks. His work has been exhibited internationally. For this exhibition, Zino is showing four of his modified photographs.


art image "I Love LEGO"

I Love LEGO by AME72

James Ame, who goes by the street name of Ame 72, is an English street and graffiti artist, now based in Israel. AME 72 is exhibiting 2 large scale canvases created especially for the exhibition, alongside six prints and an installation of his ‘Pop Cubes’.


LEGO designs by Agabag

Polish design company, Agabag is showing a range of fun and colourful bags and accessories made from LEGO® bricks.

A Selection of Visitor Comments     

Fantastic exhibition.
Visited the Lego exhibition – was amazing.
Fabulous inspiring exhibition – well done for bringing it to Scunthorpe!
Great exhibition – loved that it wasn’t just Lego buildings. It was really different.
It is really nice to see a toy from my childhood used so expressively.
Fascinating. Brings back childhood memories of hours of fun building with Lego.
Something different, new. Really enjoyed it. Thank you.
Very interesting and very good work.
Excellent Brick by Brick exhibition.
Super – for all ages. Happy children, happy parents. Thank you.
Loved it!
Brilliant. First visit and will now visit regularly. Lego exhibition best day ever for a 7 year old.
So many clever sculptures. A really wonderful exhibition.
Lego – best display yet!
Captivating work, great atmosphere.
This takes LEGO to a whole new level. Brill!
Stunning, imaginative, wonderful.
Fabulous use of a fantastic medium, which appeals to kids and adults.

The exhibition comes with a set of gallery interactives which include: a LEGO® wall, two build tables at different heights and stools, two quizzes on magnetic boards, a set of three magnetic jigsaws, a LEGO Memories activity on a magnetic board, a set of LEGO books for a reading area, two LEGO maze tilt tables and a mini-figure safari. 48kg of loose LEGO is also provided for the LEGO wall and build tables. It can also be used for LEGO workshops and activities organised by the hiring venue. There is also a large scale LEGO mosaic activity available to hire for the duration of the exhibition and there may also be the possibility of borrowing two LEGO character costumes.



The exhibition will require approximately 250 to 350 sqm but can be adapted to fit a range of spaces.

The hire fee is £3500 + VAT per 8 week period + onward transportation and will include;

  • Delivery of exhibition.
  • Assistance with the installation and dismantling of the exhibition.
  • All plinths and covers.
  • Gallery interactives including a LEGO® wall.
  • Text panels and labels.
  • TV screens to show a film about Ekow Nimako and the ‘Paint’ animation.
  • A digital photo frame to show Cole Blaq’s work.
  • Shop stock provided on a sale or return basis.
  • A comprehensive tour pack.

For further information, please call Janine Parrish on 01724 297070 or

Tour Schedule

Shrewsbury Museum & Art Gallery 18 September to 13 November 2021
Rugby Museum & Art Gallery 27 November 2021 to 22 January 2022
The Willis Museum, Basingstoke 5 February to 30 April 2022
Ferens Art Gallery, Hull 28 May to 25 September 2022
The Glass Works, Barnsley 8 October 2022 to 8 January 2023
The Burton at Bideford 21 January to 18 March 2023
Hastings Museum 1 April to 18 June 2023
Darts / Doncaster Museum 1 July to 3 September 2023
Exhibition available 16 September to 11 November 2023
Exhibition available 25 November 2023 to 27 January 2024
The Wilson, Cheltenham 4 February to 27 April 2024

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