Bell ringing at 20-21

Important note:

Due to renovations to the building, access to the bell-tower is currently limited to essential maintenance only. Bell-ringing has been suspended until further notice and we are not currently taking bookings. The following information has been retained for reference only:

20-21 incorporates the former St John’s Church and has a ring of eight bells that are available for qualified bell-ringing groups to hire.

If you would like to ring the bells at 20-21, please contact the centre using our online form to express your interest and we will send you an information pack and application form.

If you are interested in finding out more about bell ringing in the local area you can get in touch with the West Lindsey Branch of The Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers.


Conditions of Hire

  • To pay in advance to the council the hire fee calculated in accordance with the schedule to these conditions together with any VAT thereon.
  • To use 20-21 Visual Arts Centre only for the use approved by the council and on the date and between the hours approved by the council.
  • To keep the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre clean and tidy and clear of rubbish.
  • To pay for all damage caused to the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre.
  • Not to use the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in such a way as to cause any actionable nuisance to any neighbouring or adjoining property or to other users.
  • Not to do anything which would or might cause a breach of any statutory requirement affecting the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre or which would or might vitiate in whole or in part any insurance effected in respect of it.
  • To insure and keep insured in a UK Insurance Office of good repute in a sum approved by the council against third party claims against the council or the hirer in respect of death or injury to any person or persons and/or damage to property moveable or immovable arising from the condition of the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre or the user thereof and to produce on request to the council the receipt for the premium or premiums and such other details of insurance as the council may reasonably require.
  • To observe such rules and regulations relating to security and/or safety and/or other matters) as the council may make and of which the council shall notify the hirer governing the use of the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre.
  • Not to impede in any way the council or its officers servants or agents in the exercise of the council’s rights of possession and control of the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre.
  • To ensure that all persons attending the bell ringing are paid up members of the hirer organisation or their pupils.
  • To ensure that any unqualified bell ringer does not ring the bells except under the supervision of a qualified bell ringer.


Hire Fees

The hire fee is to be calculated as follows:
(a) Where ringing is carried out during the opening of the building
(i) Ringing other than peals £24 per session
(ii) Peals £80 per session
(b) Where ringing is carried out other than during the opening hours of the building, an additional fee of
(i) Weekdays £25 per hour
(ii) Saturdays and Sundays £25 per hour