Call Outs

Exhibitions and projects at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre often need input from a wide range of contributors, both artists and the wider general public. See if there are any current call outs for contributions, and be a part of what’s going on at the gallery.

Digital Projects

As part of 20-21 Visual Arts Centre’s 20th anniversary celebrations we are going to be presenting a number of digital projects over the coming months. Artist Sam Metz is working with a small team of Digital Ambassadors to commission and bring to fruition three projects which will be ‘born digital’.

Somebody recording sound on a mobile phone

Lucy Cunningham’s Soundscape Project

Contributions by 15 January 2022

Artist Lucy Cunningham is creating a digital work which will gather together and present sounds. We are particularly interested in those sounds in and around the home which people associate with comfort, safety and familiarity. Those evocative ambient sounds that take you to a place or time. We would like you to take a moment to stop and listen to the familiar around you, and record a few of those sounds on your mobile phone.

Once you have recorded your sounds, contribute them to the project, along with a little information about yourself on the online form which has been set up for this purpose. Go to for full instructions and to upload your sounds. Please make sure you fill a submission form in for each sound you contribute.

You have until 15 January 2022 to contribute your sounds.

Central Park fountain in Scunthorpe with its What3Words locator, Sculpture.Label.Ritual

Pamela Crowe’s TACTILE OPTIC SHOCK Creative Writing Project

Contributions by 15 January 2022

Artist Pamela Crowe is creating a digital work using text and poetry that responds to the places we live and the routes and journeys we take through them. We’re inviting members of the public to contribute short pieces of written work up to 150 words maximum that fits this theme.

You are encouraged to submit written work using the creative prompt of what3words location codes which were used in the Luke Jerram poetry project ‘Of Earth and Sky’ earlier this year.

Once you have completed your creative writing, which could be a piece of prose or a poem, you are welcome to share your work with us. We may use some of the creative writing work submitted in a digital artwork displayed online on the 20-21 Visual Art Centre website. Any work used will be credited and we will seek participants’ consent first. Submitting written work is not a guarantee that it will be included in the final digital artwork.

Submitting work

Share your written work with us, by going to the form at Fill out this submission form and upload your writing.

You can also submit your poem in handwritten or printed form at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre during normal opening hours. Pick up a  submission form in the gallery.

We ask that participants contribute one piece of writing each please.

Submitting written work is not a guarantee that it will be included in the final digital artwork.

Find out more about What3Words

Abstract digital artwork by Stuart Faromarz Batchelor

Stuart Faromarz Batchelor’s Shapes of Scunthorpe Interactive Digital Art Project

Contributions by 15 January 2022

Software artist Stuart Faromarz Batchelor creates interactive graphics, visuals, applications and installations. He is inviting us to consider the ‘Shapes of Scunthorpe’. To contribute you need to select shapes from Google Maps (either basic map or street view), create digital drawings of them and upload them to the online form which you need to complete with your details.

Go to to contribute to the project.

Your art work will be used by Stuart to create a digital interactive, commissioned by 20-21 Visual Art Centre as an extension of the Luke Jerram poetry project ‘Of Earth and Sky‘ earlier this year. People who visit the interactive will be able to make digital artworks from the shapes you have created. It will be an exciting new way to think about Scunthorpe too.

We hope that you’ll enjoy contributing to these exciting digital projects over the next few months. More news to come soon as the projects develop.