Brick by Brick Artists: Agabag

LEGO designs by AgabagDesigner LEGO jewellery from Agabag

Showing that LEGO® bricks can provide the building blocks for hand crafted designer fashion comes Agabag. Agabag is the creation of Polish designer Agnieszka Biernacka. Claiming to be “the original brick bags”, Agnieszka has been designing and making handbags, clutches, purses, jewellery and more from LEGO® bricks since 2010. The bags come in a huge range of styles, often with references to exclusive fashion houses.

Agabag uses LEGO® bricks mounted on materials such as PVC fabric and cotton satin. Some designs also make use of gold plated bricks to enhance the quality. And because they’re made using LEGO® bricks, there’s always the opportunity for people to customise their bags to their own preferences, as often as they want.

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