Brick by Brick Artists: AME72

pop cubes - lego themed rubiks cubes by AME72

UK born AME72 (James Ame) started his street art career in 1985 and has since developed a style which is a creative mix of Urban, Contemporary and Pop Art, leaving his mark on streets around the world, but in particular Tel Aviv.

His interest in LEGO® bricks started age 4, when the family TV blew up and his father bought him a LEGO® set to keep him amused instead of replacing the set. Since then he has progressed from playing with the bricks to incorporating them in his work – using them as a means to transmit a message and to make people think. His works often revolve around themes of consumerism, commercialisation, environmental issues and peace. However, sometime they are just a celebration of the iconic minifigure. In addition to his street art, Ame also produces canvases and prints of his work.

Ame72’s work has been exhibited in museums and galleries and has been auctioned around the world. It has featured in numerous publications, including the book, ‘The Cult Of Lego’. As well as his fine art Ame has completed commissions including a mural in the Facebook Head Office in Tel Aviv. He has also worked with the LEGO® company itself to create signed, numbered and dated Limited Edition Art Sets made of 149 LEGO bricks allowing fans to assemble the works.

For Brick by Brick, AME72 has created two large works on canvas, as well as contributing a number of his limited edition prints and his LEGO® themed Rubik’s Cubes.

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