Brick by Brick Artists: Hannah Gibson

Four sculptural cast glass minifigures by Hannah GibsonRecycling Narratives Whispering Sweet Nothings, by Hannah Gibson

Hannah Gibson is a geologist with a passion for recycling. Whilst studying Geology at the University of Edinburgh Hannah became fascinated by the mineralogy and the reactions that happen when various elements, metals and compounds are brought together. This in turn led to a fascination with the alchemy of glass after graduation and the completion of an MA in glass at the University of the Creative Arts in Farnham, where she is now artist in residence.

For our Brick by Brick exhibition of international LEGO® brick art, Hannah has contributed a selection of her Sweet Nothings – a series of cast sculptural glass figures inspired by the iconic Minifigure. She has used 100% recycled glass to create her figures – everything from mobile phone screens to marmite jars, jam jars, perfume bottles, car windscreens, marbles, milk bottles, television screens, glass from bus shelters, drink bottles, medicine bottles, and other artists’ glass (that they would otherwise be disposing of). Each piece takes up to six weeks to make, and is formed through a series of casting processes which create unique, swirls, patches and layers as the different glasses interact with each other.

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