Brick by Brick Artists: Jason Freeny

Jason Freeny's Bigger Micro Anatomic (Killjoy) sculpture

Jason Freeny is a New York based sculptor and toy designer. Known for his iconic anatomical character dissections, he uses industrial design prototyping techniques to create hyper-polished, hand made sculptures that look like mass produced toys.

Jason’s background is in industrial design. He spent most of his early career in production, retail and properties design with MTV Networks and ESPN before going solo in 2010 forming his own company, Moist Production. Jason has been creating sculptures and 2d artwork revealing the innards of some of our favourite characters since 2006.

For Brick by Brick, Jason is providing two of his Bigger Micro Anatomic limited edition Art Collectables; ‘Killjoy’ and ‘Schematic’. The anatomical design is one of Jason’s most popular works to date.

Find out more about Jason Freeny via his website at