Brick by Brick Artists: Little Big Art

popcprn Time Human sized Lego pieces by Little Big ArtHuman Sized Spot Model and Human Sized Money Tiles by Little Big Art

Cardiff based artist/designer, Andy Morris used to have a steady, high-salary job in the finance industry. He left it all to pursue his passion in art, becoming known by the identity Little Big Art. As Little Big Art, Andy creates art works based on the instantly recognisable iconography found in LEGO®. He creates fun, quirky human-sized, LEGO-inspired artworks which are born of a childhood love of the iconic construction toy and more than a nod to Pop Art. Andy’s aim is to make art more fun and relatable to people – especially the younger generation. Visitors to his exhibitions find themselves immersed in a world of LEGO where everything is scaled up to human size. He takes art subjects like Andy Warhol and recreates famous works in LEGO form (for instance reproducing Warhol’s famous Marilyn Monroe prints with a minifigure Marilyn)

Andy Morris’s Little Big Art has been exhibited internationally, including at the world famous Saatchi Gallery, London, and even at LEGO® headquarters. 

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