Brick by Brick Artists: Valentino Fialdini

fialdini photographfialdini photograph 2

Brazilian photographer Valentino Fialdini was born in Sào Paolo in 1976. The son of photographer Ronaldo Fialdini, Valentino grew up seeing the world in photographic terms, framing scenes and noticing the play of light and colour.

A professional photographer, his images feature heavily in fashion, architecture and gastronomy magazines. However, for his own work, Fialdini creates large prints of tiny architectures he builds with simple materials, like jigsaw pieces, pebbles, or LEGO® bricks.

Brick by Brick includes four of Fialdini’s large scale, wall mounted images. The artist has created a series of photographs which show a set of empty rooms and corridors constructed of basic LEGO® bricks. Using specialist photography and controlled lighting techniques, Fialdini tricks the viewer’s eye in to thinking that the miniature LEGO® rooms he creates are life-sized.

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