CTRL/Shift: The 62 Group of Textile Artists

14 December to 29 February

Ctrl/Shift is a major touring exhibition developed by the 62 Group of Textile Artists in partnership with independent curator Liz Cooper. Established in 1962, the 62 Group is a group of acclaimed international artists exhibiting in the UK and overseas.

Featuring a wide variety of techniques and approaches, the exhibition comprises over thirty artworks by twenty-five artists, including carefully selected outcomes from a collaboration between three artists who reflected on and were inspired by each other’s work.

The exhibition is due to run in the Linear and Link gallery spaces at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre from 14 December 2019 to 29 February 2020.

CTRL/Shift at Scunthorpe Central

Due to the scale of some of the pieces in the exhibition we will, for the first time, be exhibiting a selection of artwork on the first floor at Scunthorpe Central. The display will consist of 4-5 large plinths of artwork. We hope this will encourage library users who normally don’t visit 20-21 to venture across the square and vice-versa.


This exhibition and its linked publication would not be possible without the support of Arts Council England, Midland Arts Centre and The National Centre for Craft & Design.