David Carruthers – Between Stillness and Movement

Details of photograph by David Carruthers


25 February to 20 May 2023

David Carruthers is a Lincoln based artist working primarily with photography and film. He was the winner of the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre Open Exhibition in 2022.

This exhibition presents his Silk and Film series – a collection of recent work, reflecting on his roots in Cumberland and also Lincolnshire, where he has lived since 1990, examining the subtleties and connections between the two areas.

These abstract works draw on childhood memories of growing up in a family of gifted makers. He was regularly exposed to a rich mix of fabrics such as wool, tweed, suede and silk and quickly appreciated the beauty of raw materials and how they could be magically transformed.

During his formative years he was lucky to explore the Cumbrian landscape (both natural and industrial) and fuse it to the possibilities of his growing imagination.

Created during the summer of 2022, these pieces have amplified an appreciation of Lincolnshire and its light, unlocking the joy of memory, and linking it to themes of stillness and the beginnings of movement. An acknowledgment of these qualities that are embedded within us all.

Image: David Carruthers, Silk 9481 (detail), 2022