Space Cadets: Blood and Bone

Space Cadets, Blood and Bone, 20-21 Visual Arts CentreSpace Cadets, Blood and Bone, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre


1 July to 16 September 2017

Space Cadets Air Design are inventors of the unexpected. Known for their fantastic inflatable sculptures that have graced a range of galleries, museums and cultural events, their creations are designed to help imaginations of all ages run wild.

For Blood and Bone, they have taken inspiration from human biology, particularly the cells and organisms inside our bodies. Visitors are invited to explore, listen to and touch a series of exciting installations, including giant breathing tunnels and caves indicative of organs, blood cells and bone.

The exhibition transforms the human body into a place viewers can explore, immersing us into terrain that’s both fantastical yet familiar. This exciting learning experience will be shown throughout the gallery and alongside our exhibition Louise Bourgeois and Collected Women.

What our visitors said:

“My six-month-old really enjoyed the sounds and fell of the Space Cadets exhibition.” – Melissa

“I loved the Blood and Bone things, thank you for a fun time at 20-21.” – Natalie