Introducing 2022

Sculpture by Joey Richardson

Wetlands Painting by Jessie Davies

Sculptural Work by Cameron Lings


Our ‘Introducing’ exhibitions are small displays by locally based artists, showcasing their work in a professional setting. The exhibitions normally take place every two years, in years the ‘Open’ doesn’t take place, however due to Covid-19 the 2021 shows were postponed, and will now take place coinciding with the main ‘Open’ show.

Introducing: Joey Richardson

29 January to 16 April 2022

Joey Richardson grew up on a small farm in the heart of Twigmoor Woods, just south of Scunthorpe. Here, the magnificent trees subliminally rooted within her a deep love for the woodland and she began turning and carving reclaimed local timber. Nature and more specifically, wood, is the driving force in Joey’s work as a sculptor. It informs her themes and guides her expressions; her delicate wood forms and contemporary, mixed-media sculptures are moulded by and seek to encapsulate nature. ‘’It shapes me and in turn, I shape it’’.

Introducing: Jessie Davies

5 February to 23 April 2022

North Lincolnshire based artist Jessie Davies works in in paint, mixed media and sound to capture subjects that stimulate reflection on ecology, environmental or social justice. Surrounded by rural landscape, she is drawn to people, places and plants, often considered unimportant or marginal to mainstream modern life.

Most recently, Jessie’s work has focussed on two local freshwater reed-beds that have been restored following saline incursion during tidal floods. This wetland environment is constantly in flux, demonstrating resilience in beauty and beauty in resilience.

Introducing: Cameron Lings

23 April to 25 June 2022

Sculptor Cameron Lings introduces contemporary issues and topics to visual artistic practice. Traditional sculptural elements such as space, form, texture, and material choice are used to embody phenomena and concerns in wider society.

Environmental relationships (and their ever-growing imbalances), influenced by human actions and desires, often materialize in his work. Cameron’s upbringing on the outskirts of Scunthorpe, is repeatedly present in his work. This reveals itself through the questioning between man-made space and natural surroundings.