Martin W. Currie – The Intergalactic RayGun Consultancy



18 July to 12 November

Worried about ray guns? No?

Well, the Intergalactic RayGun Consultancy is the reason!

Described as one of the UK’s genuinely original eccentrics, the Consultant presents short educational talks on the types, etiquette, upkeep and danger of ray guns. Having long mastered time-travel, he went into the past to recruit his former self as an apprentice, who also happens to help out in his presentations.

Now his handiwork has arrived here at the 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, where everything from Molecular Bond Busters to Lepton Agitators in our Linear gallery space!

What do you do when disaster, tragedy, or villainy strike? Call the RayGun Consultant!


What our visitors said:

“The ray gun exhibition was truly eye-opening. I now know the looming dangers of these weapons and will be much more careful in the future.” – Anthony Swindells

“The humour in the ray gun gallery was great, can’t wait to show my brother!” – T. Morris

To find about more about the Intergalactic RayGun Consultancy, check out the video below.