Touring Exhibitions – Coming Soon

Chandelier of Lost Earrings, Sharon Campbell and Lauren Sagar, Art in the Minster

The Human Machine – Available from 2019 onwards

One of our previous touring exhibitions, Beastly Machines – an exhibition of kinetic sculptures by artist Johnny White – toured to 17 museums and galleries around the country and was seen by over 178,000 visitors. Due to the phenomenal success of this show, we plan to develop a new exhibition of Johnny’s work entitled The Human Machine.

The show will comprise of six to eight 1.5 to 2.5 metre, interactive pieces which will be inspired by personal observations and the works of historical artists such as Giuseppe Arcimboldo and Hieronymus Bosch as well as modern artists such as Jan Švankmajer and Maria Pacheco.

The work will be based on “the human condition” and will reflect on pivotal points in a person’s life, along with common experiences and feelings.


A Tale to Tell – Book sculptures by artists from around the world – Available from 2019 onwards

Bringing together a broad cross-section of international artists who use books as their medium, this exhibition will include work in a variety of scales and forms, from delicate jewellery to large installations.