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Graphic with the words Of Earth and Sky by Luke Jerram

Girly Boy

Tia Goffe


I looked in the mirror and stared at my reflection,
My mind and body had a strange connection.
I guess I hadn’t followed the direction
On society’s stereotypical perception,
On ‘how to be a boy’.

Realising my wardrobe didn’t need a correction,
Because wearing girls’ clothes wasn’t a crazy obsession.
Let me set straight your misconception,
As a ‘girly boy’ I should feel rejection?

How can I be a boy?

I looked in the mirror, this time admiring my reflection.
My mind and body felt a strong connection.
I’m ready to follow my own direction,
On how gender is different to me based on my own perception,
On how I can be a girly boy.


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Central Park, Kingsway DN17 1BL

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