EllyMental Jewellery

Elly Englefield is a Cardiff-based artist and jewellery designer.

She graduated with a degree in Contemporary Textile Practice from the University of Wales in 2005, and her wonderfully kitsch pieces can be found in a range of galleries and shops across the UK.

Englefield is inspired by nostalgia and the Victorian era, and incorporates her drawings with found objects such as 1950s books and Victorian newspapers, as well as her own delicate homemade papers. Animals are also a recurring theme in her work. The items are multi-layered with metal and resin to create the unique, robust finish found on her pieces, and her creations include everything from necklaces to earrings, brooches, cufflinks and fascinators.

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Ellymental Jewellery Collection - Yellow Submarine Brooch, Yellow Submarine Necklace, Green Diver Necklace and Little Penguin Brooch

EllyMental Jewellery Bee Necklace
EllyMental Sycamore Leaf Necklace

EllyMental Jewellery - Fox Brooch

EllyMental Jewellery - Owl Earrings

EllyMental Jewellery - Bat Necklace

EllyMental Jewellery - Black Cat Brooch (Head)