Helen Smith

Helen Smith creates beautiful glass giftware and jewellery. Her work is kiln formed fused glass in spectacularly beautiful colours. After fusing in the kiln she often sandblasts her pieces to obtain a lovely smooth satin finish reminiscent of pebbles and sea glass.

Helen says –

“Where I live on the edge of the Wirral peninsula, we are surrounded on three sides by water. When I walk down to the shore, it is like stepping into a different world the instant I put foot on the sand. I want my work to capture a little piece of this feeling, a reminder of that other world along the shoreline; whether it’s the feel of the sea smoothed pebble you picked up, or the coastal scene on the wall that reminds you of a favourite view.”

Our shop is stocks a wide range of Helen’s glassware, with prices ranging from £15.00 for earrings to £40.00 for a medium sized dish.

Helen Smith glass dishes in aqua with a seaweed motif

Helen Smith fused glass dishes and jewellery in aqua with seaweed motifs