Human Machines – Kinetic Sculptures by Johnny White and Amanda Wray

Following the phenomenal success of Beastly Machines, Johnny White and Amanda Wray have produced a new touring exhibition entitled Human Machines.

The exhibition, which comprises seven large scale artworks, is inspired by the common experiences and feelings, as well as pivotal moments in life, which affect us all as humans.


Mid-Life Crisis Bagatelle explores the anxieties of reaching life’s half-way stage. It takes the form of a pinball machine, where visitors can fire ball-bearings at a selection of targets, each labelled with typical things that we do when we hit middle age; from buying a sports car to learning to play the guitar and taking up exercise.

The Gaze comprises of two giant heads which stare into each other’s eyes. The work considers the importance of eye contact, from the tender gaze of parents at their new born, to the love struck awe of new couples. It also considers the teenage years, when making eye contact with an adult can be incredibly difficult for a shy and awkward young person.

Time of My Life takes the form of a very large alarm clock which rotates to reveal animated scenes, each featuring one of life’s important moments, from birth through to death. It symbolises how quickly time flies and the brevity of life.

Using recycled materials and found objects salvaged from tips or sourced from junk shops, Freecycle and eBay, Johnny and Amanda combine sculpture, engineering, metalsmithing and electro-mechanics to make their thought-provoking and humorous sculptures, which appeal to all ages.

The exhibition hire fee also includes a set of interactive exhibits: The Gaze Game, Name the Materials, Body Language, Colour Connections, Emotional Emojis, Milestone Memories, Body Bits and a reading area.


The hire fee is £2500 + VAT for an eight week period and includes:

Delivery, installation and dismantling. (Hiring venue to pay for the onward transportation of the exhibition. This will be carried out by 20-21 and will be charged at cost.)

Text panels and labels.

A teachers pack.

Interactives, as listed above.

A short film about the artists and the exhibition. Hire venue to provide AV equipment to show this on.

For more information about this exhibition and to check availability, please contact our Touring Exhibitions Officer, Janine Parrish, on 01724 297076 or email