Workshops for Schools

Inspired by our current exhibitions, all workshops explore materials and themes presented by contemporary artists. Workshops are available throughout the school year and are designed to complement the school curriculum. All workshops for schools feature current exhibition visits, where possible.

For booking contact or telephone 01724 296039.


Core Workshops

At 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, we offer a wide range of core workshops including:

Shadow Puppetry

This popular workshop has pupils and teachers becoming shadows in a shadow puppet performance! Dramatic storylines unfold, using shadow and light manipulation. Children become set designers, narrators, lighting technicians and actors while using our specialised equipment.
“It was really clever how you mixed our dragon topic with a shadow puppet way. We have learnt how much work goes into shadow puppets and what makes shadows and light.” – KS2 pupil from Bottesford Junior School.
Half day workshop (2 hours)
Available as a full day workshop or outreach.

Angels and Gargoyles

This workshop is available all year round and focuses on exploring sculpture and methods used to create 3D objects. It includes looking at our sculpture handling collection and a tour of the angels and gargoyles of 20-21’s church building. Children create their own angel or gargoyle using air drying clay.
Suitable for all key stages.
Half day workshop (2 hours).
Available as outreach.

Take it Away, Clay

This workshop focuses on exploring sculpture and methods used to create 3D objects. The workshop includes looking at our sculpture handling collection. Children will create their own sculpture from clay, which can link to a classroom themes or specific exhibitions. Suitable for KS1 and KS2. Half day workshop (2 hours).
Available as outreach.

Observational Drawing

This workshop focuses on specific drawing techniques where children explore the use of charcoal and pastels whilst being given still life display to study. This workshop can link to classroom themes or specific exhibitions. Suitable for all key stages.
Half day workshop (2 hours).
Available as outreach.

Popping Portraits

This full-day workshop will see children being challenged to recreate The Factory, Andy Warhol’s famous studio space. Pupils complete portraits of classmates, discuss themes of pop art and popular culture, as well as experiencing hand printing techniques. A vibrant, exciting and interesting workshop that sees children go home with their very own Andy Warhol style printed and collaged portrait!
“The children absolutely loved the trip, thank you so much for inspiring them, we have already done a follow up art lesson this week looking at portraits and proportion, and you can see how much they have learnt since the trip!” – KS2 teacher from Burton Stather Primary School
Full day workshop (4 hours).
Available as outreach.


Bespoke Packages

Bespoke workshops are often requested to fit a specific topic or classroom subject. They incorporate an exhibition visit and cover the requested topic while challenging pupils to think like artists for the day. Prices vary depending on class sizes and workshop duration. Please get in touch with us for more details.


Artist Led Workshops

We have a wide range of artists that we work with here at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, who all come highly recommended. Contact our Arts and Heritage Learning Team for an informal chat on what artist would best suit your requirements. All artists come at varied costs and can build bespoke workshops around your needs.


Project Work and Embedding the Arts

20-21 Visual Arts Centre is committed to supporting education for all ages.  If you have any ideas or projects you would like to develop we are very happy to help. We have experience in teacher training, after school clubs, whole school art development, Arts Award delivery, community artist led projects and more.

We have provided sessions which not only focused on art and design using a range of materials, but also embedded elements of maths, science and literacy

If you would like to develop a project with us, please get in touch at


Digital Workshops

Object Handling Boxes with Digital Workshops

Teachers can loan the boxes, explore the objects and make use of the lesson plans in the classroom. The boxes include teacher resources, equipment and objects needed to teach a KS1 or KS2 lesson.


Popping Portraits – Art Skills Box

This art workshop and box explores the work of a variety of Pop Art artists from America and the UK. Learn new skills in the classroom with step by step videos, activities & teacher resources all available in the box.


Blue Abyss – the Ocean in Watercolour – Art Skills Box

Learn about using watercolours to develop pupil’s artistic skills in the classroom. During the session, pupils will use these new skills to produce the blue abyss – a seascape scene. This workshop is also available in venue and can be delivered by a member of the Arts and Heritage Learning Team.


EYFS – Wow! Said the Owl Art Skills Box

This workshop takes inspiration from Tim Hopgood’s ‘WOW! Said the Owl’ illustrated book and the accompanying exhibition which visited 20-21 Visual Arts Centre in 2020. Learners will discover the world of light and colours through the eyes of a curious young owl that stays up during the day instead of going to sleep.

For booking contact or telephone 01724 296039.


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