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Painted Miniatures by Joshua CloughTower of Angels artwork by Laurence Senter Chaos Knight painted miniature by Tara Dillenburger-Keenan


15 July to 28 October 2023

Happening during the summer of 2023, Art in Miniature aims to be the first exhibition of fantasy miniatures held in a mainstream public gallery.

The first fantasy miniatures date from a time before large-scale fantasy battle combat, when miniatures were mostly created, painted and collected by a small group of role-playing enthusiasts – today fantasy miniature modelling and painting has evolved into an artform enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of people.

With a focus on independent painters, modelers and makers, this exhibition brings together a diverse international selection of over 25 artists, and aims to highlight the skill, imagination and craft used by artists and makers, conjuring fantasy realms on a miniature scale.

Artists and makers featured in Art in Miniature:

Allan Hughes & Mark Rohtmaa-Jackson (Blue Mountain/Arcturus), Anna Bean, Annie Norman (Bad Squiddo Games), CharityMiniPainter, Dale Christopher Wells, David Titterington, Gareth Jones (That Beyond the Light), Ian Porter, Inquisitor Ar-7 Dox-4, John Concagh, Jonathan Paul Pfund, Joshua Clough, Julian Wild, Laurence Senter (Baharroth The Cry of Old Paint), Lesley Guy, Kerriss Brown (Let’s Make it Orkie), Lewis Leason, Louise Sugden (Rogue Hobbies), Luke Foster, Luke Mockeridge, Matt Ross, Matthias Kuhr, Matthias Marinosci, Max Gadney (The Ruined Flag), Naomi North, Richard Gray, Tara Dillenburger-Keenan, Tom O’Sullivan

Images (Top to bottom): Louise Sugden, Joshua Clough, Laurence Senter and Tara Dillenburger-Keenan


We are excited to be collaborating with Three Edged Production Strange Digital who are producing a documentary of the first ever exhibition of Fantasy Miniatures in a public art gallery! Visit the 20-21 YouTube channel for video previews of the exhibition and some of the artists involved.

About 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

Supported by Arts Council England, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre is a public art gallery situated just outside Scunthorpe town centre. Previous exhibitions have included large-scale exhibitions by Turner Prize winning artists Grayson Perry and Antony Gormley – as well as exhibitions that would not normally be seen in public art galleries including car Kustom Kulture and Tattoo Art.

We recognise that art and creativity means a huge variety of things to different people, and we want to reflect this in the exhibitions we present.