Brick by Brick Artists: Eat My Bricks

Star Wars storm trooper grafitti artistminifigure bee people parody of Abbey Road album cover

‘Eat My Bricks’ is a collaboration between German artists Michael Feindura and Sören Grochau who use LEGO® minifigures to create large scale, humorous photographs, often with social and political commentary at their heart. 

Michael and Sören’s backgrounds are in marketing and graphic design, although Sören is now an educator. They have been taking photographs of LEGO® minifigures since 2016, having, in their own words “robbed their kids’ brick collections, knowing full well that every little detail counts”.

They find LEGO® photography to be the ideal way to creatively express their ideas, whether fun, political, or just plain daft. Eat My Bricks have contributed five pieces to the Brick by Brick exhibition, with references including religious art, comic book super heroes and 1960’s album covers. Their playful work makes use of puns and word play, and sometimes, cauliflowers (just take a closer look at their piece Sistine Madonna to see what we mean).

Their website is well worth a visit – with lots of information about the origins of their pictures and the actual mechanics of creating them. Go to to see more.


Works shown: Stop Wars (2017); The Beetles (2017)