Brick by Brick Artists: Zino

Spanish Ballet (Torero) bullfighting picture modified with LEGO bricks by Zinophotograph of a dj pixelated with LEGO bricks by Zino

Zino is the pseudonym of artist Luigi Franchi, who was born in Teramo, Italy in 1973. He currently lives and works in Pescara. In the nineties he studied art history at the University of Bologna and began a path in the contemporary art world, collaborating with some artists from the from the Ex-Pastificio di Roma. He has worked on installations for various artistic events in the Abruzzo region (FuoriUso, Trasalimenti) and has also followed a career in art restoration, graduating in 2003 at the Palazzo Spinelli in Florence.

Zino’s work with LEGO® centres on image distortion. He takes images, many associated with popular culture, show and consumerism, and distorts sections of them with the addition of ‘pixelation’. The images are accurately reproduced on paper but part of their surface is modified through the use of LEGO® bricks, in a sort of three dimensional computerised enlargement. Whilst this simplification of colours and forms causes an interference in reading the images, it doesn’t prevent it.

The Brick by Brick exhibition includes four works by Zino

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