Jane Hoodless – Changing Room

Post-Fertility Icon sculpture by Jane HoodlessA POISONOUS HISTORY wall hanging from Jane Hoodless' Changing Room exhibition


12 November to 25 February

Changing Room is a new body of work by Jane Hoodless, that addresses some of the history and hysteria surrounding menopause, and includes beautifully crafted wall-hangings, ceramics, textiles and sculpture. The exhibition is a personal interpretation of a universal condition, conceived to shed light on the potent mix of anthropology, folklore, medical science, and nature’s laws that have defined the subject.

A certain contender for the last taboo, menopause is an unsolved evolutionary puzzle that remains poorly understood. Our comprehension of it depends who is doing the talking, the language they are using, the audience, the time, place and context.

In contrast to commencing menstruation or becoming pregnant, women tend not to discuss menopause and are often poorly prepared for it. Experiences, symptoms and sensations vary so widely that they may be described very differently (if at all), and are therefore almost impossible to measure or gauge. One woman’s experience is not necessarily that of another, and many embark on their menopause in ignorance or isolation.

Works included in Changing Room include a series of embroidered wall-hangings inspired by historical texts and references, ceramic sculptures such as Post-Fertility Icon (pictured top left bottom), and decorated fans featuring images of whales (the only other mammals apart from humans that are recorded as going through the menopause).

Exhibition now extended to 25 February!

Workshops and Events

Conversation Cafe 

Join Jane Hoodless as she talks about her artwork and the inspirations behind her new exhibition, in a free, online Conversation Café.

Wednesday 23rd November 22 at 7pm. Free but booking required. Click here for further information and to book

Post-fertility Icons workshop

Learn about some of the symbolism associated with fertility icons worldwide, and create your own Post-fertility Icon with Changing Room artist Jane Hoodless.

10th December 22 10am to 4pm. £20 per person and includes teas and coffees). Click here for further information and to book.