Ian Kirkpatrick – Mythomania



6 July to 5 October

Ian Kirkpatrick is a Canadian contemporary artist and graphic designer currently based in Leeds. He has undertaken prestigious commissions for the 2012 Olympics, The Tour de France and the Oxford Museum of Natural History. As well as producing a number of public art pieces in the UK and the Netherlands, Ian has exhibited internationally; in New York, London, Berlin, Chicago and Montreal.

In this new exhibition, Mythomania, Ian explores humanity’s fascination with mythology – both ancient and modern.

Ian’s work merges the past and present. Underpinning these colourful constructions is an interest in classical antiquity and ancient civilisations. He uses the traditional formats of monolithic statue, bas- relief (a sculptural technique in which shapes are carved so that they stand out) and the ziggurat (a pyramidal structure) to create new forms overlaid with a complex iconography of pattern and motif.

The cardboard he uses lends itself to angular forms reminiscent of ancient, block-like stone-carvings. In contrast to the hard-edged quality of the work’s structure is a vibrant surface narrative of current social and political themes.

In his most recent work, Ian experiments with new materials, which brings a softer line and texture to his sculptures.  The reference here is to the design world; alluding to fashion and retail.

His interest in the aesthetic of advertising, signage and cartoon characters creates a detailed and dazzling display of work that touches on mass consumerism and the information overload of our digital age.

Mythomania is a 20-21 Visual Arts Centre touring exhibition and is supported by the National Lottery through funding from Arts Council England.