Pushing the Boundaries – Breaking the Mould

Portrait Display form Pushing the Boundaries Breaking the Mould
Ceramics Display form Pushing the Boundaries Breaking the Mould Watercolour from Pushing the Boundaries Breaking the Mould


8 October 2022 to 21 January 2023

Pushing the Boundaries, Breaking the Mould is a follow-up project to last year’s successful ‘Legendaries’ exhibition, in which a group of adults with disabilities created ceramic artworks, inspired by objects from the North Lincolnshire Museum collection. This year, members of the group, joined participants in our regular Get Crafty sessions, to explore different mediums and materials, and to learn new skills through a series of artist-led making sessions.

They spoke of how they all felt challenged by the experience, and most felt a sense of pride in achieving things they did not know they were capable of. They enjoyed the sense of community and friendship, and the collaborative nature of some of the artworks, particularly the murals. There was a sense for growth and expansion in the sessions.

In one of the sessions the group decided on a title for the exhibition, and chose words that best described their experiences of it. They have chosen to show these words as vinyl texts throughout the gallery, connecting the different types of artwork in different areas.

Like the previous exhibition, the group was inspired by objects borrowed from the collections of North Lincolnshire Museum and Normanby Hall. Some of these objects are on display in this exhibition.

Artworks in this exhibition:
Andrew Beech, Angela Coulson, Beth Peach, Clare Brewerton, Jenny Clements, Jessica Barnes, Lisa Batchelor, Paul Gooch, Sheryl Leedham, Sophie Ashcroft, Tanya Burfield, Amy Sirotkin

Artists leading sessions:
Julie Oxenforth, Tamsin Anderson, Jen Holtridge (Quite Contrary Pottery), Kat Spence and Tom Butcher

Special thanks to:
Madeleine Gray (North Lincolnshire Museums Service)