Scunthorpe: Through Our Eyes

Sunrise over the Steel Mill

Shadows in the grass near Atkinson's Warren
Photograph of Market Hill flats by Michael Burkitt

4 May to 22 June

Calling All Photographers!

20-21 Visual Arts Centre invites photographers of all levels to be part of a new Open Call photography exhibition: ‘Scunthorpe: Through Our Eyes’.

We want to include everyone, from professional photographers, right through to people who have never taken a photograph before in their life!

Scunthorpe and its surrounding areas have a wealth of interesting locations to inspire amateur and professional photographers alike – from the gritty urban and industrial areas of the town, through to the surrounding countryside, industry and agriculture.

What do you find beautiful, or ugly, about your surroundings? What would you think of as ‘typically Scunthorpe?’ What would be a ‘hidden gem’ that no-one would expect to see in this area?

We want an exhibition that represents what it’s like to live in Scunthorpe today – that represents Scunthorpe through the eyes of people that live here. It could be a photograph you take especially for the exhibition, of a favourite photograph you’ve taken already. This can include photographs of where you live? Photographs can include people, places, interiors, sports, objects, or whatever you think represents Scunthorpe life, good or bad!

Submit your photos by 24 April to be included.

How to submit via Facebook:

-Search for and join the ‘Scunthorpe Through Our Eyes’ Facebook group.

-Post up to three images.

-Go to the ‘20-21 Visual Arts Centre’ Facebook page and click message.

-Send a message including your Full Name, the Location of the image/images you posted, and an Email Address for us to contact you on.

How to submit via Instagram:

-Search for and follow the ‘20-21 Visual Arts Centre’ Instagram page.

-Click ‘message’ and send us up to three images (alternatively post them in your own feed and tag with #scunthorpethroughoureyes, and send your Full Name, the Location of the image/images you posted, and an Email Address for us to contact you on.


-All photographs must be submitted by Wednesday 24 April.
-The exhibition at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre will be on display from 4 May to 22 June 2024 (open Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 4pm).
-Photographs can only be submitted via social media (we may contact you directly if we need better quality images).
-20-21 will print and install all photos in the exhibition.
-Photographs will be high-resolution prints on vinyl which will be applied directly to the gallery wall.
-Images will be printed and displayed by 20-21 at a variety of different sizes and we aim to print our favourites in poster-sized format (if this is the case we will contact you in advance to get high-resolution versions of your photographs).
-Photographers can submit up to 3 photographs (we aim to include at least one image form each person in the final selection).
-There is no charge for being part of this exhibition.
-We will not be able to include images that include a signature or watermark. All photographs will be labelled to include the name of the photographer.
-20-21 will not copy or share you images for any reason other than producing the exhibition (we may use some of the best images in our publicity – we will contact you if this is the case).
-All physical and digital copies of the photographs held by 20-21/North Lincolnshire Council will be destroyed/deleted after the advertised exhibition dates.
-This exhibition is aimed at individual photographers. If organised groups submit multiple similar entries (for example school groups) we will select a maximum of three photographs to include per group/organisation.
-20-21 Visual Arts Centre reserves the right to not include any images that are deemed offensive or in-appropriate for our family based audience – and remove such images from any group managed by 20-21.
For any questions/queries please message us on social media or email

For any questions/queries please message us on social media or email


Steel Mill from Dunstall Street flats by Dominic Mason

Shadows at Sunset at Atkinson’s Warren by Dominic Mason

Market Hill Flats by Michael Burkitt