Crosby One


Graphic with the words Of Earth and Sky by Luke Jerram


Kristina Parker


Where town meets country on a non-rolling hill
On the flattest plains south of the mighty Humber
In this tiny town of red skies and towers of billowing plumes
I sit and think of you
Bag of snap, morning news, our lass and a ‘now then Sam’
Unlocked doors and a town on shift
I sit and think of you
Where the steel will stop and its biological clock of days and nights and six while twos
And the batons pass from settlers past to new neighbours creating community
I sit and look to you
For this is the place that you made home
And this is the place that I call home
May this be the place that welcomes you home


Artwork Location


Crosby One, Digby Street. DN15 7LU

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