Kathryn Ashcroft

Kathryn Ashcroft is a mixed media artist based in South Yorkshire. Having initially trained as a Theatre Designer, Kathryn also worked for several years in the Art education sector. She has used these experiences to inspire and create mixed-media sculptures from found and salvaged materials. She creates new meanings and objects from things previously discarded.

Kathryn has a fascination with stories and histories, which she collects avidly. Many of her sculptures represent historical figures in mouse form.  Working from her collections of discarded objects, fragments and pieces of fabric, paper, wood and metal, every aspect of her mixed-media mouse sculptures is reclaimed, recycled, salvaged or upcycled. Her works fire up the imagination and encourage audiences to engage playfully with her work.

She intentionally uses low-tech processes to hand-make each sculpture using techniques which she has developed from the scale model-making process of a Theatre Designer.

The 20-21 shop has a range of Kathryn’s sculptures, with prices ranging from £66 to £74. If you’d like to reserve anything, please email 20-21.epd@northlincs.gov.uk.

Two mixed media mouse sculptures, representing historical characters Emmeline Pankhurst and Lillian Belocca

Einstein Mouse by Kathryn Ashcroft - a mixed media sculpture of a mouse physicist