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Janet Burton Ceramics

Based in Lincolnshire, artist Janet Burton’s work focuses on ceramic sculpture and drawing. Heavily inspired by nature, Burton’s ceramics are primarily figurative and hand-modelled. Using a combination of earthenware, high-fired stoneware and Raku, her creations are decorated with a range

Yvette Brown – Artist and Jewellery-Maker

Yvette Brown - 3X Bird Brooches

Artist and jewellery-maker Yvette Brown is inspired by all things British, whether that be birds, our strange sense of humour, or our manners. She particularly loves the English language, and brings her love of words into her pieces via adorable

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Mark Richardson’s Wizard Emporium


Inspired by advertising and packaging from the Victorian era, Lincolnshire-based artist Mark Richardson works with wood and reclaimed materials to create his magical pieces. His creations include everything from wands, to toadstools, to potion bottles, and each item has been

Pentangle Pottery

Fairy House and Fairy Door, Pentangle Pottery

Karen Raithby is a Lincolnshire-based ceramic artist with a fascination for symbolism and myth. Her work has a mystical, fantasy feel. Each item is completely unique, and evolves it’s style and “personality” during the making process (Raithby describes this as ‘a little

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EllyMental Jewellery Janet Burton Jeremy Nichols Ceramics Kath Cooper Ceramics  Marilyn Oliver Ceramics Mark Richardson – Wizard Emporium Pentangle Pottery Rob Whitfield The Silver Shed Yvette Brown Zoo Ceramics    

EllyMental Jewellery

Elly Englefield is a Cardiff-based artist and jewellery designer. She graduated with a degree in Contemporary Textile Practice from the University of Wales in 2005, and her wonderfully kitsch pieces can be found in a range of galleries and shops across

Crafted By Snorky

Felt bowls by Crafted by Snorky

Tracy Gaytor, AKA ‘Mrs Snorky,’ is a craft artist and felt maker based in Barton-upon-Humber. Intrigued by the art of felt in all its forms and combinations, Gaytor’s love of felt-making began after an adult education taster session. Years later,

Kath Cooper Ceramics

Ceramic artist Kath Cooper has possessed a life-long passion for clay. Inspired by childhood memories and traditional craft techniques, her unique designs are either drawn or pressed into the clay using handmade ceramic stamps. Working primarily with white earthenware and

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