butterfly by Peter K Rollings

18 May to 29 June

Kaleidoscope is the collective name for a swarm of butterflies. Our butterfly themed Kaleidoscope exhibition will be a showcase of all the different creative groups and communities that we work with here at 20-21.

We aim to include everyone: adults and children; professional artists and amateur enthusiasts; schools, community groups and other outreach workshops. We want everyone to create their own butterfly using our special template and return them to 20-21 so that they can become part of a huge kaleidoscopic and colourful swarm of butterflies in the gallery.

Linking in with Kaleidoscope, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre is hosting free drop-in events that are suitable for young and old. Create a butterfly mobile, learn about how to grow a butterfly friendly garden, or make a butterfly feeder. Go to our Fundays and Events page to find out more about special these events and activities.


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