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20-21 Visual Arts Centre is a family focused venue. We offer exhibitions, free workshops, activities and events which are suitable for children and young people of all ages, and our gallery café dishes up a great children’s menu.
Drop in art and craft activities inspired by our exhibitions run every Tuesday to Saturday from 10:00am to 4:00pm in the gallery, and are suitable for all.
These activities are free but any donations towards the cost of materials are gratefully received.
20-21 Visual Arts Centre is one of the 750 organisations across the UK who have pledged to meet the Family Arts Standards, a UK-wide recognised quality-mark demonstrating excellence in family provision.
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ARTivity Table

ARTivity Table, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

ARTivities has gone online!

As 20-21 Visual Arts Centre is closed during the current Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve made some changes to this section of the website. We’re sharing some of our old ARTivities in the form of instructionals and downloadable templates and colouring sheets. Over time these activities will build up into a permanent resource of activities to do at home or in the classroom or community group.

This week’s ARTivities: 28 March

mech-head collage using paper cogs

Paper Cogs and Gears

We’re in a mechanical mood this week and are sharing our instructions for making paper cut-out cogs and gears (don’t worry if you haven’t got special scissors, just cut a zig zaggy edge). Download and print off our instruction sheet to have it to hand while you make your cogs.

Paper cogs and gears Instruction Sheet (PDF)

We’ve used this technique in the past for making Doctor Who’s pocket watch for our local Sci Fest, and more recently for the Mech-heads pictured above, inspired by our Human Machines exhibition in summer 2019. We’ll leave it up to you what you make – maybe a robot, or a steam punk fantasy machine – the only limit is your imagination.


Last week’s ARTivity: 21 March

card craft football player

Sporty Football Player

Download and print out our template and make this sporty football player.

Colour the printout with your favourite team’s colours, or design your own kit. Then attach the top to the bottom half using a split pin, making quite a loose join so that the legs can swing backwards and forwards. Attach the football using a trimmed down nylon product tag tie, or alternatively cut a strip from some clear plastic packaging and use that. Another alternative is to just glue the football to the player’s foot. Finally attach a stick to the back of the figure (use a plant support, wooden skewer etc) and swing your player from side to side to see it in action!

printable football player

Football player printable (PDF)


ARTivities Extra
Gallery Assistant Helena with girl, ARTivities EXTRA Workshops, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

ARTivities EXTRA is our series of workshops for families.  Led by visiting artists or one of our experienced gallery assistants, these sessions are fun for all ages!  Book your place by visiting the gallery or online by visiting our Eventbrite page.


Easter School for children aged 8+

ARTivities EXTRA Easter School

Unfortunately in the light of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic our Easter School workshops have been postponed. We are at the moment unable to confirm a rearranged date for these workshops. Please be assured that we will be contacting everyone who has already booked on with details of what arrangements are being made regarding existing bookings.


Stick & Splodge

Two girls in a ball pit, Stick and Splodge, 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

Stick and Splodge has gone online for the duration of the Coronavirus pandemic measures!

Until 20-21 opens its doors again, we’ll be sharing fun activities to do with your under 5’s here on the gallery website. If you want to make-along with the 20-21 community, why not join our 20-21 Visual Arts Centre ARTivities Group over on Facebook.

This week’s Stick & Splodge: 26 March

Insect Hangers

With spring in the air, for this weeks Stick & Splodge activities we’re turning to the animal kingdom with these cute pipecleaner insect hanger makes.

You’ll need:

· Pipe cleaners
· Beads with a wide hole (like pony beads)
· Sting (if hanging)


· Take a pipe cleaner and thread beads onto it
· Bend the pipe cleaners into the shape of an insect
· Attach the pipe cleaners together by twisting
Add some string to hang them up in the window or garden

We’ve got some great minibeast themed colouring sheets this week too.

Garden Grub colouring sheet   Garden Grub (pdf)

Minibeast colouring sheet   Minibeast colouring sheet (pdf)

For more information, please call 01724 297070 or email

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