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Hilary Tate

Hilary Tate is a designer and jewellery maker based in Norfolk. Working since 2010, Tate’s pieces are handcrafted from silver, copper or a unique combination of the two. Ranging from bangles to rings and pendants, each one of her creations is a one-of-a-kind.

Found something you love? To buy an item over the phone, call: 01724 297070

As each item is handmade, products may vary slightly in style and colour from the one’s shown here.

Hilary Tate - Selection of Necklaces

Hilary Tate


Beach Hut Necklace with Sun: £41.44


Lighthouse Necklace: £59.20

Hilary Tate Starfish Ring

Starfish Ring – £62.16

Hilary Tate Beach Hut Necklace

Beach Hut Necklace – £50.32

Hilary Tate Beach Necklace 1

Hilary Tate Beach Necklace 1 – £56.24

Hilary Tate Beach Necklace 2

Hilary Tate Beach Necklace 2 – £59.20

Hilary Tate Bead Bangle

Bead Bangle – £62.16

Hilary Tate Bead Necklace

Bead Necklace – £56.24