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Nicole Iredale Designs

A graduate of the prestigious Birmingham School of Jewellery, where she completed courses in Design Crafts and Silversmithing, Nicole Iredale creates unique and playful handcrafted jewellery.

Often overlooked in the world of bugs, for her Creepy Crawley Collection Iredale has decided to give slugs. caterpillars, snails and rhinoceros beetles a chance to shine. Originally handcarved from wax before being cast in silver, these little guys are popular around the globe.

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Silver slug and snail bracelet on branch, Nicole Iredale Designs

Silver slug and snail bracelet, Nicole Iredale Designs

Snail ring on branch, Nicole Iredale Designs

Hanging snail necklace, Nicole Iredale Designs

Snail necklace, Nicole Iredale Designs

Beetle earrings (left) and snail earrings (right), Nicole Iredale Designs

Snail and slug rings, Nicole Iredale Designs