A Dog’s Life

A dog with a flower crown 2 women in fur jackets with hairy large dogsA grey sculpture of a dog

the text 'a dogs life with a ogs face in the G'

10 August to 26 October 2024

Our love of dogs has been part of our national identity for centuries and affection for our canine companions shows no sign of waning.

This exhibition shows the work of international artists, designers, illustrators and photographers who use dogs as their subject matter and inspiration. The show will look at the influence and impact that dogs have had on these artists’ practise and will also give a brief insight into how dogs have become such an integral part of our lives.

This family friendly exhibition includes a host of dog themed interactives and competitions. Visitors can draw and display their pooch ‘pawtraits’, share what their dog means to them, display their favourite dog photos, and find out what they’d look like as a dog, using our specially commissioned digital interactive.


Sophie Ryder, William Wegman, David Shrigley, Gerrard Gethings, Rafael Mantesso, Holy Smoke, Martha Todd, Shauna Richardson, Lucy Casson, Mychael Barratt, Bryony Rose Jennings, Michael Gillette, John Bond, Zoe Whiteside, Sally Muir, Ryan K Taylor, Sophie Gamand, Georgina Warne, Gemma Rees, WHATSHISNAME, Lazerian, Margaret Couch Cogswell. Illustrations from; Nick Sharratt, Mei Matsuoka, Emmanuelle Walker, Alice Bowsher, Chris Chatterton, Helen Stephens, Adam Stower, Tor Freeman, Jo Williamson, Nicola Kent, Emma Lazell, Claudia Boldt.


  1. Pitbull Flower Power – Sophie Gamand
  2. Ryan K Taylor – the_brigadoon_dispatch
  3. Holy Smoke. Photography: Wyn Griffiths

Join us on Saturday 10 August for ‘A Dogs Life’ opening and Family Fun Day 10am to 4pm! Free entry and no need to book!