Brick by Brick Artists: Ekow Nimako

Protect she above all by Ekow NimakoFlower Girl by Ekow Nimako

Ekow Nimako was born in Montreal and studied fine arts at York University, intending to pursue creative writing. When employment in writing and as a musician (he plays guitar and drums) didn’t take off, Nimako realised the possibility that his hobby of building miniature LEGO® brick birds might lead to a career after his first Toronto exhibit, called Aviarageddon in 2013.

Working in bare feet and sometimes putting in 16 hours a day on a piece, Ekow doesn’t work from sketches, plans or blueprints – building instead by intuition. He’ll spend months building a single sculpture, sometimes spending an entire day getting a single feature right.

The five pieces that Ekow has contributed to Brick by Brick are from his Building Black: Mythos series. Building Black is an exploration into the black identity and what that means, referencing afro-futurism, mythology and the metaphors of West African proverbs. The works are incredibly detailed, with Flower Girl alone containing over 18,000 individual LEGO® Elements.

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Images: Samuel Engelking