Brick by Brick Artists: James Paterson

James Paterson's LEGO firsts paintingsJames Paterson's Harry Potter minifigure painting

James Paterson is a fine art graduate of Nottingham Trent University whose instantly recognisable work can be found in art collections internationally. Working in oils and acrylics his paintings are inspired by everyday objects, adverts and popular icons. His influences can be found in Pop Artists such as Larry Rivers, Peter Blake and Richard Hamilton but James also cites other artists such as Whistler, Sargent and De Kooning as important to him for their flair for confident mark making. For the Brick by Brick exhibition, Paterson is showing a selection of his paintings from his ‘Toys’ series of artworks.

The paintings consist of a series of LEGO® minifigures, each of which has a story behind it, from the very earliest examples through to hugely popular characters like Harry Potter. There’s the first minifigure baby, the first minifigure wheelchair user and the first minifigure superhero, among others. When you visit the exhibition it’s well worth reading the accompanying notes to find out why James has chosen these particular examples.

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