Brick by Brick Artists: Samsofy

Fat Come Pacques photograph by SamsofyStar Wars stormtrooper cutting a branch photograph by Samsofy

Samsofy (Sofiane Samlal) is a photographer from Lyon. He started out in extreme sports photography in urban areas, but in the months he spent at home following the birth of his son, his work became focused around the world of LEGO® minifigures.

Samsofy prefers working outside for his photo shoots due to lighting conditions and the rich diversity of inspiring locations, large and small. He often works during holidays abroad, discovering new setting for his works. Many different locations around the world have featured in his photographs, including Croatia and Okinawa, as well as his native France. In his works Samsofy plays with forced perspective and makes creative use of everyday objects to alter perception. He often refers to his extreme sports photography background, and regularly includes popular sci-fi and comic book characters. He combines the techniques of photography, street art, model making and installation to create images which mix politics, humour and poetry.

Samsofy’s LEGO® minifigure photography is an occupation which has become more and more important over the years and has now become his full-time profession.

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