We Are Not Alone


23 January to 30 April

We Are Not Alone is curated by composer and writer Michael Szpakowski, and features six very diverse artists and friends brought together by the internet. The exhibition explores inner-connectivity in the 21st century, where information is no more than a click away.

Although inspired by the worldwide web, the works included are presented mostly in traditional art mediums such as photography and painting. In Liz Sterry’s work, visitors can select and favourite from a series of images in the same way they would on social media, but with physical photographic prints in the real world. Robert Croma’s photographs are moving and heartwarming, especially when shown alongside his more recent and poetic works, astonishingly created with just his iPhone. Whereas The Empress of Blanding – the Flickr alias of Medieval historian Geoff Humble – presents a mesmerising collection of over 700 images of motor scooters and their riders in Taipei, Taiwan.

Michael describes this diverse selection as “six artists, influenced by each other, by everything around them, and by the fact that pretty much everything in the world is a click away.”

We Are Not Alone is supported by funding from North Lincolnshire Council and The National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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