Scunthorpe United – Jack Brownsword Way


Graphic with the words Of Earth and Sky by Luke Jerram

Vermilion Sky

J.V. Bates


I was born under a vermilion sky,
the clang of tempering summoning
my wake.
Metal on metal,
flame engulfing flame.
A town built on steel
learns to become as strong as it.

Hammer and tongues, pounding:
I’m of a town that grafts
and a town that talks.
A town that is passionate
and sets their passions ablaze.

Growing up in a place
literally built on fire and brimstone,
you learn to dance with the devil.
Mother always worried I’d be more
inferno than candlelight.
A mind full of smoke,
a heart full of flame,
is it any wonder that I may
spontaneously combust?

Crimson beginnings to meet
crimson ends,
you’ll watch me burn.
As my ash flies back
to that vermilion sky,
from whence I came
where my fire is finally tamed.


Artwork Location

Jack Brownsword Way DN15 8TD

What3Words:  ///headed.themes.chip

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