Clare Humphry

Ceramicist Clare Humphry is based in the Central Lakes area of Cumbria. Her smoke-fired bowls are submitted to the flames of an open fire, where she has limited control over the final look of the piece. The subtly smoky landscape designs that adorn her bowls are beautifully individual as a result.

Clare is interested in the way that ceramics have been used throughout the centuries as a subversive means of political protest.  But her issue driven tendencies are tempered by a background in contemplative practices and plenty of time spent immersed in nature. These conflicting tensions in her personality are worked out in her ceramic practice through differing strands in her body of work. This ensures that all of her bowls are completely unique and you can be sure that no-one else in the world has one that is exactly the same as yours.

Three smoke fired bowls by Clare Humphry showing silhouetted trees and landscapes

Three smoke fired ceramic bowls by Clare Humphry with sepia toned natural landscape designs