Showstopping Exhibition Launch at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre

What a showstopper opening for our latest exhibition taking pride of place in our Nave Gallery at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre.


Welcome to Repetition Is A Form Of Change by kinetic sculptor; Peter William Holden. We were delighted to host a preview evening on Friday 23 June which welcomed visitors, students and parents  from across North Lincolnshire.


This exclusive first major UK gallery exhibition by the artist combines sculpture, robotics, video and sound in automated sculptural performances and will be on display at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre until 23 September.


“It is a real honour for 20-21 Visual Arts Centre to be chosen as the location for Peter’s first exhibition in the UK. The work is mesmerising, playful and emotional, combining beauty with technology. The nave space has been completely transformed and when the cinematic pieces spring into life they are a pure delight for the audience. It is an absolute must-see and shows the increased ambition of exhibitions at the gallery following further Arts Council England investment as a National Portfolio Organisation.” Michelle Lally, Creative Arts Manager.


You can expect to see on display “Arabesque” a kinetic artwork with its roots in Mary Shellys book Frankenstein, and the alchemist’s laboratory featuring life sized casts of limbs brought to life. Alongside “Autogene” a picturesque display of seemingly mundane umbrellas being transformed into magical animated objects.


Inspired by this exhibition, we have been working with artist, Peter William Holden and the Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire to create their own artworks combining art and engineering. The school’s exhibition will be on display until July, 5.


On Saturday 8 July our monthly FREE Art Club will be themed around Robotics and Art – open to children 8+.


We would also like to invite you to our annual Family Fun Day; Robotic Showstopper Event on Saturday 5 August 10-4. A family filled day celebrating miniature art and sculpture in motion with a range of robot activities for the whole family to participate in.


Exhibition Live: 24 June – 23 September

23 June 2023. Peter William Holden exhibition at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Scunthorpe.