Turbine Hall Project

We are delighted to undertake a collaborative partnership with UK STEM on a local North Lincolnshire Council project with local primary schools raising awareness of renewable energy and combining Science, Technology and Art.


Over the last few months UK STEM have been delivering a series of workshops celebrating renewable energy on the Humber Estuary; the largest coastal plain estuary on the east coast of Britain. Pupils have discovered more about the science behind turbines, what happens in the offshore wind energy and who makes it happen.


The students have been working hard to assemble and code each turbine and discover different careers in STEM linked to renewable energy, raising aspirations for the next generation combining science and technology. The second stage of the project combines Art bringing in colour and movement on the Humber Estuary to create a beautiful masterpiece.


Once the project has been completed, we will be welcoming all participating schools to 20-21 Visual Arts Gallery on Monday 10th July to set up their showstopper turbines in the Link Gallery, for an exclusive showing not to be missed on Saturday 8th July where people can vote and witness the winner being announced!


The turbines will be on display to everyone alongside our Peter William Holden Exhibition on Saturday 8th July only!


We would like to say a big thank you to the following schools for their participation and involvement in the project so far; the students have been a credit to each and everyone individual school.

  • Berkeley Primary School
  • Eastoft C of E Primary School
  • Gunness & Burringham C of E Primary School
  • Luddington & Garthorpe Primary School
  • St Peter and St Paul Church of England Primary School
  • Wrawby C of E Primary School

All students who take part will receive a Global STEM Award. The necessary elements being STEM Activity, careers and geographical awareness.

Scunthorpe Turbine Sketch
Credit: 20-21 Art Gallery Assistant, Abby 
Sketch created to inspire students of what they can create.